40 Weeks!


All Cooked!

She’s done. Ready to come out of the oven.

I remember that little photo with a sharpie written 6/12/12 handed to me back in October. I didn’t seem real then and it sort of doesn’t seem real today.

Everybody is super anxious about it and surprised I am still pregnant….but not me.  Since Sunday I have felt tired, a little achy, cranky and some pains–mostly inner thighs and a few menstrual-cramp like surges.  For those of you who read the blog or feel like spreading the word, this phrase does nothing to raise my spirits or lift my morale:

“You’re still here?”

So, you can eliminate that. Thanks.

Yesterday I tried to tell myself: “Look at this free time you have! What are you going to do to take advantage of it?”  But all I can do is think about the fact that my baby is all done…and she should really come out now.

I have considered: start a really thick book, restart that chevron blanket that I have frogged 4 times already, watch Downton Abbey Season 1 and 2….for the 3rd time, make another crazy quilt?  I just can’t do any of it. I am beside myself.  I do think it would help my spirits if I knew the status of my cervix, but alas my appointment is not until Thursday.

A big thank you to the 3 friends who have invited me to do something this week. That is what being a friend is. I hope I can make it to the proposed activities, that would help the time go by. For now, I have chosen to chaperone another First Grade Field Trip today, and I hope it does NOT involve wearing any fire gear and that my water breaks on the steps of Belvedere Castle.

I know you are probably only stopping by to see a photo of Pickle, I am too!  While we wait patiently, check out my other cutie girl:

Very Tricksy!

By the by, I TOTALLY called Christian Borle’s Tony win. The girls and I were pretty psyched for our Black Stache, who we CONTINUE to quote and reenact.  Brilliance gets seared in one’s brain you know? You MUST MUST MUST see him and the rest of the cast of Peter and the Starcatcher. Their performance on the Tony’s frankly was a disservice to their brilliance.

Hey, I’ll see you around ok? Because even if I DO have a baby…I’ll still be here.

“You’re still here?” what does that even MEAN?????


8 responses to “40 Weeks!

  1. Sorry your baby doesn’t want to evacuate. I will end it with that because all the other things I could say will not help or make you feel better. Your girls are way to cute and I am sure pickle will be just as cute. Just think fresh from heaven baby smell coming your way. My baby girl is almost a year now and the snuggle time is over. She is on the move.

  2. The whole family was pretty funny this morning, kind of staring at me like — so?
    Jason put a sheet on the bassinet mattress (I hadn’t because I dont want it to get dusty waiting), and emailed my mom about flight plans. Funny…because I am the same today as I have been the last 7 years or so. NOT in labor!

  3. Those 3 words should never be spoken to a lady in waiting. Have you stored away homemade freezer meals and treats? That was always what I appreciated having on hand. I would say avoid the chevron. Do anything that you thoroughly enjoy doing and then turn up your music and have a dance off with your girls.

  4. Helen Knowles

    I think you should take advantage of the time you have because, remember, you won’t have anymore “me” time for quite awhile after The Pickle arrives. I’m impressed you are going to be a chaperone – and I hope the class doesn’t get a science lesson they weren’t expecting, i.e, birthing of a baby. Wish I was closer so we go do lunch of something fun. Just remember, June 16th is only a few days away….and, on another note – no nits.

  5. Cute video of Phoebe. She’s so funny. The waiting is the worst! I feel your pain a bit at a mere 36 weeks. Hang in there. :-)

  6. Hey will midwife help you out?! And don’t forget to stay hydrated for when it does happen you are good and prepared! Oh and SEX SEX SEX~ Just sayin….

    P.S. You’re still pregnant? Is that better?!


  7. You’re due in July, right? ;-)

    • I was really hoping this time I wouldn’t be, but history shows…. Ph: due Feb, born Mar L: due Mar, born Apr but! both of their numbers were mid-late of the month so….

      : )

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