Figment 2012

When I wrote FIGMENT in my calendar for June 9th I tried to picture just exactly what that would look like being 3 days from my due date.  I pictured a slow pace, lots of water and sadly, some waddling.

I am happy to report that the weather could not have been more perfect, and not only was I not waddling, I even jogged a few times!

This was our 3rd time going to Figment!  It feels like more for some reason.  Maybe because last year we took both girls’ entire classes on a field trip to Figment.  Since there was no Friday eventing this year, that was not an option and that was just fine with us.

We took the East River Ferry there instead of the free one.  It was a pleasant ride down the East River, and super comfortable (compared to the very crowded, but super short Governor’s Island Ferry ride), plus we got to skip the subway completely.

The miniature golf (which debuts at Figment and stays running all season) was the only priority for the girls, so we went straight there.  There is so much to look at and do at Figment…here are a few pix showing the fun we had:

This mini golf hole was designed by Lolly’s pre-school, so we ended up seeing some friends on the course we hadn’t seen in a few years. That was a fun surprise.  Phoebe loved the Giant Puppets Save the World birds.

We played checkers, pushed buttons, explored Lady Liberty’s face, made spiders, made wishes, made paper, made coin purses out of Capri Sun wrappers, heard a lullaby, saw some crazy costumes, played golf, rode a solar-powered carousel, and looked and looked and looked.  It was a great day.


One response to “Figment 2012

  1. The sleepy girls says it all!

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