Blue Lily Does it Again.

Here are my favorites from my Twiggy gets knocked up shoot shot by Wendy of Blue Lily.  It was such a fun afternoon, and I love how round my belly (and other parts….hi boobs I have NEVER had before…oh that’s right I did add padding) looks.

She managed to incorporate my first choice building (numbers) in that one shot, and my makeup looks pretty Twiggyish if I do say so myself.  I’m so happy that I didn’t have to get the blue/purple/gold dress altered…excited to wear it post pregnancy!

Thanks to Jen of Give into the Glitter for helping me with the silver ball/pink chain earrings and Allison of Juxtapose for altering the pink dresses and that guy at mac who picked out the perfect black liner (it’s like a sharpie for your eyes) and lashes.


10 responses to “Blue Lily Does it Again.

  1. You knocked it out of the park on this one! And I am excited to report that I have just the thing for Twiggy’s baby!

  2. Helen Knowles

    Wow – to be gorgeous and pregnant at the same time – these are great.

  3. These are gorgeous!

  4. Your eyes look fantastic. And I’m digging the yellow shoes :)

  5. First of all you look beautiful. I love how your Twiggy pics turned out. I still think you should send them to her to let her know a child of the late 70s has mimiced her makeup, stance, fashion etc, etc. If I were Twiggy I would be very thrilled. I wondered a time or two what caused you to pick her for a theme. Now I get it.

  6. what a fun shoot! and you look so twiggy and cute

  7. You rocked it! Stunning!

  8. I had a feeling they were seychelles…

  9. You look freaking fabulous for someone ready to have a baby!

    PS. Thanks for the tip on the bird rings that I asked you about on YouTube a long while back. I bought them and LOVE EM!

    Rachel Berry

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