Rainbow Crazy Quilt

After Pickle received a quilt at the surprise baby shower, Lolly made it known that she was feeling just plain left out.  I whipped up a mini-quilt for her this past week.  I made her sort all my scraps into rainbow colors, so that I could make it a little more interesting for myself. I then bought some men’s shirting fabric with a rainbow stripe to back it and tied it with color-coordinated yarn from my stash.  I like it.


11 responses to “Rainbow Crazy Quilt

  1. Helen Knowles

    I love that you can make a quilt in a week – I’m still trying to finish one I startd last year. Lolly did a great job on the design.

  2. I think there is a possibility I might be sleeping under that darling quilt!

  3. I can see Lolly is feeling the love snuggled under her new crazy quilt.

  4. Now I am feeling left out. I feel like I need a quilt.

  5. you are so good. I love that you involved her. that looks like it was a chore to sort all those little pieces. :-)

    • Kristy Glass

      Sorting is one of her favorite things so it worked out.

      I’m on the go – excuse the typos!

  6. so cute!

  7. how do you figure out how to get all those random sized pieces to line up just right? i think i would pull my hair out!

    • Kristy Glass

      There are lots of tutorials online. I used one similar to this : http://alliesinstitches.blogspot.com/2007/06/block-piecing-tutorial.html

      The first few take some getting used to, but then you get the hang of it. The nice thing is mistakes are not really mistakes, you can always add on…and small pieces of favorite fabrics can always be incorporated. Proper tools makes it so much easier….cutting board, cutting tool, iron…try it!

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