6 Days More

But, would you like to make bets at how many days PASSED the due date it will REALLY be?  Go ahead….

Week 38 brought me a nasty cold.

I remember when my due date was told to me: June 12….I thought: Oh good..no one will be sick. Well, we have ALL had a nasty cold for the past week. And I’m ticked.  And it’s extra frustrating because the coughing is so difficult to get through without peeing. It takes EXTRA concentration.

39 Weeks

The girls and I took a day yesterday to get better. I slept WAY in and also took a nap.  I felt much better, but still coughing and blowing my nose and all that nonsense.  Phoebz got a little worse on that day.  I’m taking both to the doc today…Lolly is complaining about her ear this morning.

Changing gears: Here is the other situation.  I think I am a little in denial that I am having a baby.  I feel huge, of course I do, but now that we are here I am looking at the scale and watching the belly measurements and according to all that I should probably be 8 1/2months pregnant instead of nearly 10.  I’m a little small….so what’s up with that? I feel like the June 12 due date is a big fat joke.  Let’s face it, my last menstrual period due date was June 3. So–what gives?  Is there something fishy going on here?

Or am I SO determined not to go mentally crazy this time (going past and past and past my due date until induction like the first 2) that I have reversed it into being in total denial that this will even happen in June? Like, I biologically need more like 11 months to grow a proper baby?

I am not complaining, I am happy to be measuring under, and it is certainly better for my physical pain and energy, but it sometimes crosses my mind that this really is a farce.

So, I am twisted about, confused, mad about being sick, hopeful we can ALL get better before Pickle debuts, and will laugh HYSTERICALLY if I go into labor today or something.

Do you think I’ll get this crew well enough to hit Figment this weekend?


One response to “6 Days More

  1. Sure glad Dad and I haven’t purchased any plane tickets yet……..

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