Knit: Tiger Den

A friend of mine is having her 25th reunion this weekend at Princeton!  I grew up hearing about Princeton from my Grandpa who is also an alum.  She was telling me about all the cool events that take place around this event and I just wanted to be an alum right along with her–costumes! parades! parties!

As part of their celebration she remodeled her recently hurricane-damaged basement into a Tiger Den.  I was immediately inspired.  I found TONS of cool projects on ravelry I wanted to do, but knew I didn’t have much time, so I chose to adapt a dishcloth pattern into a throw pillow.

I hopped on over to Lion Brand Yarn Studio and picked out some orange and black Hometown USA yarn.  It’s Bulky, Bold and Fast!

When it was complete, the girls suggested I outline it…and that was a good call.  I think it turned out cute.  I hope it looks good in the Den.

Go Tigers!


2 responses to “Knit: Tiger Den

  1. Your friend will love those!!

  2. It’s actually one, double-sided pillow!

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