My Loves


I bought a loaf of white bread and the entire time you ate it you were so happy. One morning while eating a piece of white bread with butter you declared: I’m in heaven.

After telling her she would be visiting her cousins in Arizona I asked: how do you feel? her response: “Pleased!”

Talking more about Arizona than the baby…I like that.

Instead of Rumour Has it, you sing “Booma has it”

At the dentist office I delivered the news that you needed to have 2 baby teeth extracted. You welled up with tears and then I got right out of that room.  The assistant came to get me and told me the extraction was over but you didn’t know it.  They had told you they were just going to give you a little sleepy juice and do a test and you would come back another day for the extraction.  Then we surprised you with a tooth necklace, opened it and there were your two teeth. It was fun.

In the waiting room they were playing Dennis the Menace and you declared it INAPPROPRIATE.

You were going to ask me something but then changed your mind and decided to ask Phoebe instead–just clarifying if you knew what a certain swear word was.

Picking sides…you are usually on Phoebe’s. You are a very loyal sister.

Obsessing about Spa Castle to the point your Dad could NOT tell you no, and we went (without him of course….)

Being so curious about everything at the midwife’s office, even getting on the table and putting your feet in the stirrups when I was finished.

Mixing yourself a nuun and fixing a grapefruit and declaring it “Refreshing!”


No allergies! You were so brave for the second test! ouch.

You sing “We found love in homeless place” instead of hopeless.

A friend of mine asked her if she was ready for the baby and she replied: “My mom is 100 percent UNPREPARED.”

After witnessing a LOT of PDA on the streets, you declared it KOC day. Kiss on the corner.

With your new braces on, sometimes I get a glimpse of you and can’t believe how grown up you have gotten.

We have had a few REALLY good weeks with you after a long year. I hope we are turning a corner.

You always tell me I stop reading at a cliffhanger.

Figuring out a way to remember 5 major scale modes together. We used P Dill  as our memory device, Inspired by P Diddy of course.


After a LONG day and a lot of contention and fatigue I decided that in lieu of reading I would sing you our lullaby…which I hadn’t sung to you in a VERY VERY VERY long time.  It made you both sob.  I felt bad because that was not my intention, but I think it was happy tears.


You and I in our happy place. You: watching cycling. Me: sewing a crazy quilt.

Jason reads a morning devotional from Gordon B. Hinckley’s Stand a little Taller (highly recommend).  Each entry has a title, a scripture and a comment from our former prophet.  One morning you said: “The Power of the Priesthood…girls, who is the leader of the household?”

Girls: MOM!

You have helped Phoebe out so much this month.  A Dad in a girls life is so powerful. Thank you for being the best I know.

You tirelessly work for everyone but yourself.  You are an awesome (real definition, not over-used slang) example of who a Man should be. Your THE MAN.

Getting home at 3 AM one night from work.  Waking up 3 hours later to go at it again.

Congratulations on officially starting your new position today, after many months of being Interim new position…it’s yours TODAY!  You deserve it!

Can’t wait to see your new digs (old digs picture here)…he’s so fine when he’s working and he’s all mine.



One response to “My Loves

  1. Big Congratulations to Jason! A huge vote of confidence from his company. “Our Lullaby” wow that is one beautiful song. Your daughters will always remember you singing to them with your gorgeous voice (and your antics that accompany it).

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