2 Weeks More…

I’ve tried to snap a photo of myself each week during the pregnancy, and lucky you, today’s photo is courtesy of a little trip to Spa Castle I took on Memorial Day. I wore my red, white & blue tankini–not to be patriotic, but it was the only two pieces of swimwear that sort of fit.  Emphasis on SORT OF.  I refuse to buy a maternity swimsuit since I do not consider myself a water person.

However, those warm pools at Spa Castle with the massage jets were hard to resist, and I DID get in..twice.  We spend most of our time in the Bade Pools when we go.  That accupressure of the jets though is super intense.  It felt really great at the time (with pockets of nausea when it was SUPER strong…I am VERY pregnant after all), but later that night my back was a little sore as a result…I think I got a little bruised!

The girls were in the water most of the 4 hours we spent there, and I purposely didn’t bring my phone, reading material or a project.  I kept my eye on them (safety first!) while they played and was just left with my thoughts, which circled around just one: What a lucky lady I am.

I looked down at my brilliant belly and felt so excited about the new chapter starting and so sad that I would only have 2 more weeks of having Pickle all to myself.  Every time she shifted her weight I would feel for her little foot that is always jabbing me over my left hip and then I’d look at my big girls and think: “Gosh, I get to do this all again.” 3 daughters.  My 3 daughters. How very blessed am I.

Waterproof pads line my mattress (oh I do hope my water breaks in a very dramatic fashion! The girls think I need a “story” for this one), my hospital bag is packed (well, with the essentials like OUTFITS), Labor plans for kids are arranged, baby’s laundry is done, a stack of newborn diapers awaits.  Just in case she comes early (HIGHLY unlikely).


4 responses to “2 Weeks More…

  1. I love it!!! Your belly is sooooo fabulous. I hope your water breaking is highly dramatic, like on the subway or something so all of NYC gets to witness the awesome coming of Pickle. XOXO

  2. The essentials matter! I always say to mamas that are ripe with babe to “do stairs” and more “stairs”. If by chance you don’t have a story, Lolly will make certain to create a good one. You are a special daughter of God and your 3 daughters are too!

  3. i am so excited for you!!!!

  4. Standing by……………………………….

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