Peter and the Starcatcher

I have had some events on my calendar for a while, and I have been full of anticipation for said events to help me get through the last leg of pregnancy…

I knew that I wanted to see a Broadway show (or 3) before baby came, but sadly my budget decided for me: It would be 1.

I did some research on Peter and the Starcatcher and decided this was right up the Posse’s alley.  First I bought the book and we started it as our read-aloud. (We are always reading a chapter book, sometimes 2 or 3 if we JUST can’t decide.   Recently: number the stars, mixed up files, wonderstruck, incorrigibles, to name a few).  We immediately fell in love with the story, but unfortunately did not finish it before the show!

Oh well, we were still totally stoked to see it with friends Catherine and her daughter (that woman can SANG…and did plenty of that with Adam, who plays Peter in the show, when they did Next to Normal).  I was excited to see Celia, who I covered a hundred years ago in a show…she is so talented and so gracious, totally deserves her Tony nom.

ANYWAYZ, this play (with music) was one of the best things I have seen on a Broadway stage.  I am so glad we had read the book (coincidentally up to intermission), because it was fast-paced and moving and might have been hard for the girls to follow had they not known the story going in.  This ensemble piece is every actor’s dream….popping in and out of roles, becoming scenery, hitting marks.  It was clean, sharp, clear, focused and a beautiful piece of theatre. I wish I could expose my children to the likes of this caliber every single day.

I don’t need to see any of the other nominees to know that Christian Borle will win the tony for his performance in this play.  I called Kate Finneran and I called Alice Ripley and I’m calling this.  Pure brilliance, seriously…I want to see it again just for him (and of course EVERYTHING else).  The fact that my children are still talking about moments from the play also tell me how grand it was…they have never done that with a show before.

We headed backstage to thank the actors for such a memorable afternoon and took a pic or two.  Celia was so sweet to the girls and the cast members were so humble and gracious.  I am so happy for all of their success.


4 responses to “Peter and the Starcatcher

  1. Ooh, you make me want to be there to see it.

    I am counting down with you these next weeks. I’m so glad you had a surprise shower–you deserve it!

  2. When/where did you cover Celia? I adore her. And her brother.

  3. Kristy, I’m taking my kids home to DC for Christmas and i’m craving a day trip to NYC. I want to take my boys (8 & 6) to see Peter and the Starcatchers. The official site of the play suggests ages 10+ (and none under 4, thus baby sister won’t come along). We’ve read the book and the followup (Shadow Thieves–not nearly as good). They love the book. Any reason for the 10+ suggestion that you can tell? Also, the theater. If we purchase the cheap seats at the very top of the mezzanine, do you know if we’ll still be able to see and enjoy?? And, maybe more importantly, what yummy restaurant is nearby? Thanks for any help/insight!
    Ashlee (a friend of Corinne Edwards)

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