I have had some events on my calendar for a while, and I have been full of anticipation for said events to help me get through the last leg of pregnancy…

And then there are the unexpected events, that have NOT been on the calendar.

Like…my surprise BABY SHOWER!

I love love love surprising people, and I am not the recipient of many surprises, but last week I WAS WAS WAS!

My aunts and cousin came to town to celebrate my cousin’s 40th birthday and I had them over for dinner and they brought me a SHOWER!

I WISH I had known, because I would have changed out of my field trip clothes into my BABY SHOWER clothes. Everyone there looked SO CUTE!  Thank goodness I put on some makeup at least!

And….as crafty as I have become, these ladies are the QUEENS of Crafty.  They brought beautiful gifts from some cousins and aunts who didn’t accompany them on the NYC trip, and they themselves brought HANDMADE gifts.

I got a Heidi Swapp original album to fill in with Pickle photos, a crocheted afghan and knitted Pickle Hat from Aunt KJ and a gorgeous quilt from Aunt Sherrie.  These ladies walked into my apartment and just showered us with love.  Pickle is a lucky little lady.

It was a great evening!!! *Notice: Pickle’s nickname is sticking…and the hat was given to me in a Pickle jar, brand: BABY BABY. Brilliant!

A few more pix that I got after I posted this:

My Aunt KJ also made us these NYC-themed aprons.  My print is of Time Square, as Lolly says, “where dreams come true!”


3 responses to “Surprise!

  1. “Girl oh Girl” (boy oh boy isn’t fitting) that was fun to surprise you with a shower-to-go (with a couple more gifts yet to be mailed from others in SLC). Being in your home, with you and your family, eating on your roof with such a view, the great dinner & dessert was such a treat!

  2. You don’t know me but I live across the street from KJ and have been her neighbor 12 years. It has been so fun to see her so excited to be with you and the treasures she made for you and your girls. She is amazing and loves you guys so much! I get “show and tell” before anything makes it your way and I am pleased to announce that me and my kids got to eat the pickles for sake of the jar! Just wanted to touch base and say congrats and good luck with your new little one!

  3. You lucky lucky girl!! so cute!!

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