Fire Museum

I have had some events on my calendar for a while, and I have been full of anticipation for said events to help me get through the last leg of pregnancy…

I decided to chaperone a field trip for the first grade.  We went to the Fire Museum.

A highlight of the trip was our commute there when all of the first graders simultaneously spotted the billboard with the naked lady.  You can see Lolly trying to block it from view. It was hysterical.

Our tour guide Wally was so vibrant–78 years old and full of life! A retired firefighter, he must have said HOLY  MACKEREL 15 times while describing the awesome items at the museum.

During the fire simulation, when the kids all had to “fall and crawl” to safety, I played the FIREFIGHTER. I had to see that all the kids were unharmed and then save 2 who were stuck in the building. I was a hero.

Did you know of 12,000 NYC Firefighters, only 29 are female? Whoa! I think I was the first 9-month pregnant firefighter in history on that field trip.

Spending time with Lolly and her class = a great way to spend the day.


2 responses to “Fire Museum

  1. Holy Mackeral!

  2. Ha! S and I did a tour of a fire station when I was two days from my due date…and M was born later that day. :) We could have been twinsies!

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