3 Weeks…

I am really starting to feel the pressure now.  Literally, figuratively, all-over-ly.  Sometimes I stand up or go to the bathroom and I swear I must be crowning or something.  Whoa Nelly baby is low, and I don’t believe she has dropped yet.

I got checked last week and I do not believe I am having a baby anytime soon.  I continue to have energy and frankly I have too much yet to do to have a baby early.  This Weekend is operation: get all the stuff.  We are setting up shop over here. I did Pickle’s laundry and picked out the clothes for her take home outfit options (of course I’m bringing options in case something doesn’t fit).  I even bought a little pack of newborn diapers, just in case.

I realized I am low on newborn nightgowns, so I bought some more of those this week.

Pickle is so bony and crowded in there.  Her kicks are starting to jab and HURT.  My ribs are the main pain point at this point…my back is still holding out really well.  And guess what? her nickname is staying put.

Check out this hat:


I’m starting to fill out a bit eh?

37 Weeks Pregnant am I.

I went to the midwife yesterday and measured 32.  Last week I was 33.  Reason: baby is getting lower and lower.  Hopefully this means a fast delivery for me!


2 responses to “3 Weeks…

  1. Helen Knowles

    You look great for 37 weeks.

  2. My favorite thing was to wash the baby clothes before they arrived.

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