High Heights

Lolly is totally into jump-roping lately.  She practices (in the house) a lot and talks about how well she is doing on the playground at school.  Sometimes I have to count how many she does in a row and log it in the notes on my iphone.

On Mother’s Day she was getting quite restless while other family members were trying to rest, so we went up to the roof and I did some counting and logging while she jumped.  Here she is showing me her skeelz. The most she got in a row was 42. Pretty good.

While I was away this past weekend I called home and had this conversation with her:

L: Mom, I needed you.

Me: Oh, baby girl…what happened?

L: My high ponytail! (with the tone of “duh!)

Glad to know I was missed.


One response to “High Heights

  1. Jumproping is an amazing work-out. Violet is really into hula hooping right now. I tell her it’s good for her core!

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