9 months pregnant

Here’s what it looks like. 36 weeks. (barefoot & pregnant…I’m smiling because I am talking to my Mom while I took these). 4 more weeks to go. Last week I started to feel QUITE crowded. My ribs are hurting on both sides, my toenails were SO HARD to paint.  Pickle’s crazy dance antics are becoming more restrained-she’s running out of room.  My energy is still pretty high, and I have even gone to bed a bit later in order to finish projects!

My allergies have been bad again, which is a bummer because I’m getting mucus caught in my lungs again (kind of like when I had the epic virus), so that’s annoying. As I was entering some workouts in my dailymile, I took a look at a year’s worth of training.  It’s pretty obvious where my pregnancy is (though I kept it tight for the first few months):

Last May? 66 miles. Wow. That’s a little crazy.  I only have a few weeks to meet last year’s miles…doubt I’ll be getting in 50 miles between now and June.

I still have SO MUCH on my to-do list.  This week is jam-packed, so I don’t even know if I will get to any of it.  Jason looked at me recently and with a little worry in his eyes said: “We need a bassinet! We need a car seat!”  I guess I better take care of those things too.  I was thinking more like: “We need diapers!”

I have started solidifying my labor plans for the kids, and gathering some supplies for my hospital bag, so that’s good right?

I like the necklace I got for Mother’s Day. 3 little girls in my nest.

Today I am shooting with Blue Lily.  I hope I look Twiggyesque (despite the belly of course), and the weather cooperates!


2 responses to “9 months pregnant

  1. Helen Knowles

    Well, that’s how far along Stephanie was when she delivered the twins – you are looking great. Hope the next month flies by and you get everything you need to get done before Pickle’s debut.

  2. You look like me at 20 weeks pregnant. Must be nice…..

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