Crazy Quilt

It’s done! Behold: The Crazy Quilt.

I got the finishing materials from Purlsoho, and all the gals were so cool about my quilt top–they made me feel so great about all my hard work!

Finishing this bad boy was tough.  I don’t have enough room! I pulled the leaf out for the table and used that AND the floor and some luck  to make it all come together.  It fits Phoebe’s bed PERFECTLY.  I hope she loves it as much as I do.

I think it’s very cool that it’s reversible.  I also had enough Tosh Vintage in Robin’s Egg leftover after tying to start on Pickle’s Turban. Thanks Carrie for sending me so many cool scraps.


5 responses to “Crazy Quilt

  1. Crazy quilt=great accomplishment!!!! It is just wild and fun! She will love it because she’s seen the process, watched each square be created and watched her quilt grow piece by piece. That could only have been created with tons of love and she knows that.

  2. Wow, that’s rad! I’m sure she loves it and will treasure it forever. This is quite an accomplishment. I’m so impressed. Also, I am totally inspired to try my hand at quilting. I just inherited bags and boxes full of fabric from my 2 grandmothers. I love having all their scraps and I can’t wait to get started… in due time. :-)

  3. This is adorable! It fits the room perfectly!

  4. That crazy quilt is crazy cute!

    Hi – I was introduced to your blog by Kristen Hopkins, who said you might not remember her because she lived in New York for only 5 months a few years ago. She said you were her bishop’s wife.

    And a model.

    In New York.

    That’s just cool. Anyway – my family and I are moving to New York in a few weeks (my husband is moving there a week from tomorrow to start his internship, and I and our three small children are following as soon as we sell our house). Kristen thought you might be a good contact – because I know NOTHING! Except that I love New York, and I am extremely excited!

    Could I possibly pick your brain on a few things?

    And – seriously – that’s an incredible quilt.

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