I have many many things planned for each weekend between now and Pickle time.  This past weekend was no exception.

In the morning Jason went on an “epic bike ride”–80 miles–farthest he has ever ridden.  Meanwhile at home, after some concentrated practicing for School Instrument Evaluations next week, we all headed to the Manhattan Stake Street Fair. (In our church, an organization of many congregations is called a Stake.)  We are not part of the Manhattan Stake, but know some families that are, so we decided to support the fair.  I am so glad we did because not only did I eat a delicious cheeseburger for lunch, I also got to see several of my Manhattan friends. I even met a girl whose blog I follow, so that was fun.

Phoebe and I recently made up a new family rule: Whenever you stumble upon a photobooth, you must take pictures in it.  So we did.

After that we headed to NYPL’s Crafternoon.  The creator of Sis Boom Fabrics was there helping us make garland.  Jennifer Paganelli was personable, cool, quirky and fun.  It was great to see her in action and her fabrics are awesome. I brought some scraps home for my next crazy whatever project. (crib bumper?)  The girls were working on a super secret banner. Mine was not so secret, a welcome banner for Pickle.

Crafternoon was so cool because for a little over an hour my girls and I sat at the same table, and I swear, uttered nary a word.  We were creatively inspired and concentrating on crafting. It was awesome.

After Crafternoon Phoebe had a studio recital, and though the children were talented and the music interesting, we were all so sleepy by the time it was over.  We headed to Patsy’s for my favorite pizza.  Lolly’s piece was pregnant. (the crust had one of the biggest bubbles we have seen!)

When we left the pizzeria I realized we were so far east that maybe it would be fun if we just walked home. 1 hour and 3 miles later we made it home.

It was really fun to walk with the girls over the bridge, spying all the sites that J and I see whenever we run that route.  We all deserved an ice cream after that.

PS. Did you know Nie was in my city this weekend? I follow her on instagram and was DYING to know how close she was and I wasn’t running into her!!!  But look! She posted my tweet on her blog! Fun!


4 responses to “Weekend

  1. Perfect Saturday.

  2. All in one day?! That’s why I love that city. And this family!

  3. Oh, yeah. This post totally makes me miss the city, even more than I do. Man! NYC is the best. And your lovely family… I can not wait for the little lady to arrive!

  4. we did that same thing one day when we were living in Boston and decided to walk home from the Red Sox game instead of taking the T. . .it always takes a little longer than you’re imagining! i really miss living in a city where you can walk everywhere. hoping to have that again someday…

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