Knit: Baby Turban

I attended a baby shower for a Mama who is anti-princess.  This could mean a lot of different things, but as I sat down to make her little girl a little something, I realized that everything I was picking out was TOO PRINCESSY.  Headbands, flowers, pink, yadda yadda.

Finally I remembered a turban hat Carrie had posted on instagram. When I texted her for the pattern, of course she had MADE IT UP…but was inspired by this KNIT pattern of the same hat. I knew this was it! This was the anti-princess baby gift.  Oh, another requirement is that I could finish it in 2 days. Ha!

I pulled out my Knitter’s Pride Cubics DPN’s that I won in the YARN CRAWL! (woot! A dream to work with) and some yarn left over from my fingerless gloves, and enjoyed every second of making this turban.

I am so happy an ACTUAL baby was at the shower to model it for us.  I think I need to make one for Pickle.

Have I mentioned that I am running out of time to make little things like TURBANS for the Pickle. And you KNOW the fact that I haven’t even BEGUN her Christmas Stocking or formulated Halloween Costumes is stressing me out more than my giant boobs that I want to go away…oh yeah, and the giant belly.


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