Shoulda Known Better

I know that when I tell Lolly about something exciting coming up in the future, that she will incessantly talk about it every day leading up to that event.  I know this about her, and yet, I still told her that she would be visiting Arizona this summer to visit her cousins.

Since the announcement, she talks about Arizona constantly.  Jason said that on the subway ride to school the other day it was like riding with Buddy the Elf (you know when he is walking with his brother after school and asking him question after question?)…the questions did not stop and she could barely wait for the answers.

Last night Jason finally drafter an email to her Aunt with all of her questions-of-the-moment, and I thought the questions and Aunt J’s responses were fun:

We are soooooooooooo sooooooooo excited for your visit to Arizona!!! We can not wait for you to come. I will do my best to answer your questions in order.

Q: Do you have jump ropes for a jump rope competition?
A: Yes.

Q: How big is your front yard?
A: Our front yard is not very big, but our street is called a cul-de-sac which means it is a big circle dead end (so no cars drive down our street except our neighbors going to their own house) so all of the neighborhood kids like to play out front in the cul-de-sac.

Q: Do you have a big house?
A: I guess it depends on what you are used to. Compared to condos & apartments in New York City it might seem big. We have more space here then you do in the city.

Q: Do you have houses next to your house?
A: Yes there are houses right next to our house. Very close in fact! Right on each side.

Q: Do you have a backyard?
A: Yes. We have a trampoline and some grass to play on.

Q: Can we play in your front yard?
A: Yes, but you probably won’t want to in July when you come because it wil be soooooo HOT outside!!

Q: Can we go swimming?
A: YES!!

Q: How often can we go swimming?
A: In the summer we swim practically everyday!!!

Q:Will I get bitten by a scorpion?
A: Scorpions actually sting you, they don’t bite.  There is a chance you could get stung by one because there are lots of them here in Arizona. However, we have NEVER had one or even seen one at our house in the 8 years we have lived here. We have seen them at other peoples homes.

Q:Are there a lot of Cacti?
A: Yes. Some people even have them planted in their front yard. Our neighbors have one in their front yard.

Q:How hot will it be?
A:Usually in July it will be between 110-120 degrees F. But people here like to say that it is a “dry heat”. That means when you walk outside it will feel  like you stepped into an oven. It won’t feel moist or sticky at all like you are used to.

Q:Does my cousin know how to jump rope?
A: Yes she does. She is very good at it! She likes to jump rope at recess at school.

Q:How tall are your three children?
A: I’m not sure on their exact height. I’ll have to measure them and get back to you. But I think it is safe to say, E is probably about Phoebe’s same height. K is probably a little taller than you and A just a little shorter.

Q:Will we be able to watch E play football?
A: E’s football season will not have started just yet. They usually start practices at the end of July, so you will just miss it. But I’m sure he would be happy to play football with you in the backyard.

Q:Do you have a soccer ball?
A: Yep! A few. Ava even has a pink one.

Q:Can we play with the soccer ball?
A: Of course

Q:Do you know how to play Marco Polo?

Q:Can we play hide and seek in your house?
A: Of course! That is a great game to play in the summer when it is too hot outside.

The best part was hearing Lolly’s responses to the questions as J read them to her over breakfast.  She was pretty psyched about the jump ropes, swimming, Marco Polo and the trampoline.

I will undoubtedly be excited to ship them off for a week so that I can have more alone time with Pickle.  And even though the constant chatter about Arizone is exhausting, I am glad that is happening instead of—you’re STILL pregnant?  or other questions about the baby….


4 responses to “Shoulda Known Better

  1. The cousins will have a great vacation. You will too.

  2. I laughed all the way through this post. I love reading about your Lolly. She seems like such a fun little character.

  3. Is this before or after Camp Grammy?!

  4. Cute! Awesome questions and equally awesome answers.

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