Busy Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend this past weekend.

Jason and I went to the Bike Expo for a date! (We haven’t been on one for SO LONG).  I was interested mostly in the free samples (I enjoyed my cabot cheddar, Skim Plus chocolate milk and odwalla orange juice the best).

Look at how happy this boy is:

I think I almost have him convinced to take the Posse and some “Nannys” (mom? dad?) to the Tour De France next year for his belated 40th Birthday. Anybody been? I would LOVE some tips on how to do it yourself and for a good price.

After the expo we walked 1.8 miles to Momofuku’s Milkbar.  It was really fun to be out on the Lower East Side/East Village after dark. Seriously, we don’t get out much…my feet were KILLING me but I made nice with them by eating 3 Birthday Cake Truffles at Milkbar.  Didn’t QUITE live up to the hype for me, I’d rather have an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and oreo malt at Potbelly’s. But, it was interesting to taste the Pretzel Shake (tastes just like a salty pretzel) and the Crack Pie.

Saturday the girls had their book fair at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square.  Look what Lolly picked out!

After that we headed to Etsy’s Spring Cavalcade in Brooklyn.  The girls scored some new necklaces and headbands:

Aw. They are so cute.  Then we headed to Trader Joe’s for the first time in the minivan.  It was a crazy madhouse and took me 45 minutes to just find the entrance to the highway, but after that minor frustration, we made it home for the night.

I managed to squeak in a few more bracelets for the fair coming up in June (my friends commissioned me to give them some to sell), and maybe I will list some on my etsy shop, which has been closed since Christmas.

I also finished the quilt top!  I was disappointed to find the sparkly fabric and linen I incorporated started coming apart once I put it all together…but glad it happened at this stage…I reinforced the back with a different fabric and lots of zig-zagging stitched on the seems and over the top, so I am hopeful it can endure the wear and tear. I also embroided: For Phoebe 2012 KG on the sleeping beauty patch. I will head to Purlsoho this week for the batting and backing and hopefully assemble it this upcoming WEEKEND. Lolly helped me organize my patches and was ticked when she realized it wasn’t for her.

It was a jam-packed weekend and now off to conquer this WEEK!

PS. Did you see what Carrie made me for my birthday?


3 responses to “Busy Busy Weekend

  1. Nannys R Us

  2. You guys sure know how to have a good time. Going to the Tour de France sounds so fun. Jason would have to be one of those dudes all dressed up that sprints next to the riders haha.

  3. Uh…..aunts and uncles make good nannies too!! that would be Bob’s dream!

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