My Loves


“I Feel like I’m dead-but still alive dead.”

When we went to pick out our minivan you were the most excited of all of us.  We purchased it and when you realized we wouldn’t be driving it home, you had one crocodile tear glide down your little cheek. So sad.

You told me of an exchange with a boy in your class. He told you that he liked you and your response was: “what a coincidence!  I like you too!”  Your telling of the story was ADORBZ

The story with the boy continued and he brought up a future with you–I think it was marriage and a pet dog, and you told me you told him: “whoa, now you’re going too far!”

I loved watching you try to figure out the “running man” in our hip hop class

When there is contention in the house between the tween and me, you often try to solve it.  Recently you suggested snuggling with her and saying a prayer.


I teased you about an interesting location of some acne. I called it zit pit.  I think you only appreciated that a little bit.

I taught you to purl and you mastered it in one try.

There was so much stress over stupid standardized tests!  When you realized our trip was going to take you away for one of the days, you were so distraught over missing the disco party that would happen after the final day.  We let you stay for it (well, not the party, the test).

You experience so much joy in hip hop class!

Loving going shopping at Century 21 (I should never have introduced you to that store)


Trying to help us get the grumpies out with a dance that involved you wearing only your running tights, and that’s all.

You returned from picking up my birthday cupcakes and proclaimed your hatred for Bloomingdales (but what that really meant was all things material!)  It was a funny speech.

After your marathon I joined you for a nap, but you were so excited about your marathon you couldn’t sleep so I got no rest, because you kept declaring your elation at running so well.


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