Illinois Marathon

This past weekend was Marathon Weekend. Jason ran his 3rd marathon, this time in Illinois!  He was meant to do it last April, but because of an injury deferred to this year.

We took a quick flight to Chicago and then drove down to Champaign with my parents.  We left Phoebe at home with some friends because she had to finish her standardized tests.  We missed her, but it was really fun to be one-on-one with Lolly.  She is a hoot.

The weather threatened to be awful, but turned out to be much better than we expected.  I have learned from Jason’s past two marathons that chasing a marathon is not glamorous or warm and cozy.  I was quite satisfied with my attire, never felt cold!

I spotted three different orange sparkle skirts, so I cheered hard for TEAM SPARKLE! woot!  There were just a few crazy looking characters running and a lot of neon gear–super fun.

Jason’s training partner made him a bracelet with splits he had to achieve in order to make it in 3:50.  He followed it faithfully and beat it by 21 seconds.

When I saw all the runners beginning the 26.2 mile journey, I had no desire to be one of them….but as I watched Jason finish and thought about it for a few more hours, I thought: Maybe, MAYBE someday I will be crazy enough to try it.  My sister thinks next April we should try this one.  First I think I will look forward to The Color Run in August.

ps. How do you like my first collage made with picasa 3?  I need to learn more about it, but so far I think it’s pretty cute.


3 responses to “Illinois Marathon

  1. I like your collage. The better part of picasa is that when clicked on to enlarge, it really enlarges better than before. It is fun to have one on one with the 2nd child. They are different then aren’t they?

  2. A great time was had by all. It was so fun to be with you all . Jason killed it!

  3. PS. Kristy’s dad wore a hat that had an electronic sign on it which read: Go Jason Go!

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