Last weekend I needed to rest my brain from the many many many songs I had to learn.  I decided to tackle my liberty of london bib project that has been waiting for me. The kit provided me with 2 of each print, but I wanted a little more variety, so I bought a fat quarter and a scrap bag of some liberty on etsy and used that for  a crazy bib and a bright/bold print.

Don’t you miss my picnik collages? I still haven’t found my new site.

ANYWAY, aren’t they so cute? I can’t wait to put them on the Pickle!


One response to “Bibs

  1. Cute bibs! I honestly don’t know how you get so many projects done. I am amazed! As far as photo collages are concerned, you can download Picasa 3 for free. It does collages and has tons of photo editing tools. It also has an excellent file folder viewer. It makes sifting through tons of photos a lot easier. I hope that helps!

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