33 Weeks

7 more weeks before The Pickle debuts.  I have something kind of major on my calendar for every week until then.  I am grateful for this, because I think it will help the time go by at just the right pace.

I have been struggling to be motivated to exercise.  I like not exercising better.  I can barely do about 2 workouts a week, so I really need to improve that.  This week I have had a little back ache for the first time…could be because I chose a one-shoulder purse over a backpack or because I did a lot of standing for my reading.  I want to start some prenatal massage.

I feel like Pickle is so low. I feel her hiccups so low down and I have yet to have a kick in the rib.  I hope that means a good labor and delivery is headed my way.  I still spend some time visualizing a great birth experience, and I hope it will work out well for me in the end.

I really want to edit my registry, because when I visited it I realized that it needed some tweaking. I finally feel like I know what I want…before I was just picking things but wasn’t in the right mindset.  Unfortunately I forgot my password and it’s taking forever for them to send it to me. Grrrrrrr…..

I barely eat dinner anymore because I feel so full all the time and I get heart burn easily.  I usually have some yogurt, oatmeal or cereal and call it good.

The end.


3 responses to “33 Weeks

  1. Its getting so close. I’m at 29 weeks and I feel the same about exercise and dinner. Get a massage! Will you please post the link to your registery or email it to me? I want to get your little one something.

  2. “The end”, that made me chuckle. It is near. Her birth brings blessings and a lifetime of labors of love with her. Sleep and rest while you can.

  3. Where are you registered? So exciting!

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