Blankets Galore

At our last Flicks with Sticks Lolly convinced me to start a project with her for Pickle.  Since I am an expert Chevronner and this was done on quite a large crochet hook, I agreed.  We are about halfway through using a 3-handed crochet technique where she just yarns over whenever that is required, and I count and everything else.  I have a feeling I may be finishing the other half solo, but that’s ok, it was designed by Lolly. (Here we are on an air mattress in our family room, crocheting during movie night).

Lolly was also sort of the inspiration for this blanket. She gave me a bag of scraps from Purlsoho along with some Quilting Sheers for my birthday (I send them to the most AWESOME yarn store in town and that’s what they get me??).  But that’s ok because I had been saving up some scrap fabric thinking some day I would make a quilt, and this was the straw that broke the camels back.  I knew I didn’t have it in me to stick to a strict quilt pattern, so I did some Crazy Quilt research.  This tutorial is how I started, and then I got the hang of it, and just kind of did my own thing for many of the patches.

I have about half of the patches for Phoebe’s quilt done, but I started getting bored with my choices.  I ordered some more fat quarters from etsy and I will begin again next week.

It is a combination of vintage hankies, linen, vintage floral sheets, bias tape, fabric from the class play, at least one old dress and modern prints with some liberty of london thrown in for good luck.  I like showing the printing on fabric, so you will see some words too.  I’m pretty psyched with my progress so far.  Come back in a few weeks for the finished product!


2 responses to “Blankets Galore

  1. You are amazing.

  2. Fibers and fabric are officially under your skin. No escaping ever! With this condition you never lack for a way to busy your hands and mind as you create works of love. I highly recommend this lifesyle. It has given me a life of happiness (only occasional mild challenges and minor failures get thrown in to spice it up that is part of the creative process). It beats therapy and is a lot less expensive even if fabric is basically $10 per yard.

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