Crochet: Jewelry

I recently stopped by the bead district and found myself inspired by a leather watch band and a magnifying glass.

I have gotten a lot of compliments on the bracelet, and a friend asked to sell some at a fair. I wish I could find them on wholesale. I have found all sorts of other varieties, but not the plain jane brown.  Another friend suggested I open my etsy shop back up and sell them. We’ll see.

The necklace was just me wanting to make Lolly something homemade for her birthday. I picked out some relevant charms to incorporate and though I don’t TOTALLY love how it turned out, she does. She has worn it everyday since I gave it to her. Aw.

PS. We have some high stress levels over here at the Posse Pad as Mom and Dad have a lot going on with work in the next 48 hours and it’s MARATHON week for Jason and Standardized Test week for Phoebe. Lolly, as always is playing comic relief for the rest of us and Pickle is partying 24-7 in between her bouts of hiccups.


2 responses to “Crochet: Jewelry

  1. Nuttin’ better than seeing her wear her gift every day! I used to love hiccups from inside my womb. Your bibs are perfectly cute.

  2. i love that bracelet!

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