I love attending Crafternoon at the New York Public Library.  It feels so special.  Women (mostly) gather in a beautiful room in the GIANT library (you’ve seen it in movies if not in person) and craft for two hours. The time goes by so quickly.

Maura Madden wrote the book Crafternoon (her post on this crafternoon found here), and you can find Lollz on her blog from one she attended in December.  I’m dying to host my own crafternoon–can’t decide what craft! I’m thinking maybe Friendship Bracelets would be a good first one.

I was excited about this one because the author of a book I got for Christmas was the guest speaker and lead us in a poetry workshop.  My friend Angela, Phoebe and I researched some text in the giant reading room in the library to get some inspiration.  Phoebe wrote her poem based on what she found.  I wrote my poem based on phrases I found in old newspaper articles.  Phoebe and I both decided to read our poems for the group at the microphone.

I didn’t know if I would be into a poetry crafternoon, but turns out I totally was, and left with my soul lifted!  I hope to attend one more in May before Pickle reveals herself.  I heart Crafternoon!


2 responses to “Crafternoon

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  2. Thanks for the great post, Kristy! Looking forward to seeing you two at the next Crafternoon.

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