She passed me on the street pushing a double stroller full of newborn baby boys. She had beautiful hair and skinny leggings-clad legs sticking out of her puffy coat.  She walked faster than me, she must feel so light without sharing her body anymore.

I thought about how much work 2 would be and that she would lose a lot of that beautiful hair in a few months. She walked briskly past me and in a block I saw her stop and kiss a man, who I presumed to be her husband.

I passed them as they stopped to look at their sons. I looked back for one more glimpse. He pointed to the baby in front and asked: “That’s Clyde right?” She replied: “Clyde, yeah,” and then they were out of earshot. That’s how new they were, Dad didn’t even recognize his own life yet.


One response to “Moment

  1. Hurray! Love it! I must share…. How crazy that we met again. You were amazing today. Glad I had the brave to ask to take your pic.

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