8 Weeks to go…

I’m working today!  Doing a reading at NYU…it’s my first job in a while and probably my last for a while, so I am really eating it up!  I’m playing the matchmaker in a NYC musical version of Emma, called Playing with Matches…do you think I’ll be named Emma?  I’m pretty excited!

Have you seen my mormon video yet? I get about a thousand new views a day! Crazy!

On to the update:

Last week I did not exercise once.  It was Spring Break so I was completely out of my routine, and I just didn’t do it.

The pollen counts sky-rocketed last week, so I spent a lot of my time being a bit miserable anyway.  I finally bought some benadryl to get me through the night and certain parts of my day (any part that was outside).  Normally I premedicate before the pollen hits, with no less than 3 perscriptions, but since I’m pregnant, I chose not to. Oi.

I hadn’t seen many of my friends for about 10 days, and almost everyone I saw after the break commented on my growing girth. My response: “I thought I was tapering off a bit.”  Everyone agreed: “You look unmistakably pregnant now.”  Well, I am 8 months pregnant, so I guess that’s ok.

Though things are tightening up in my stomach, I still feel pretty great.  I haven’t had any back or joint pain like I seem to remember with Phoebe, and I am still sleeping comfortably.  I only get up to pee about once per night (if at all), and as long as I don’t eat crazy late or crazy tomatoes, my heartburn is good too!

My facial expression looks a little funny here, not sure what I was thinking, but whatevs…you can see my belly is bulging!  I am not a huge cargo pants girl, and I never joined the j brand Houlihan skinny cargo pants movement that was all the rage in Manhattan, but this maternity shorts version, fit very nicely and were a good purchase (on deep discount–I think that means I am NOT “on trend”). Don’t you love my run-on sentences and poor punctuation?

Oh! Did I tell you Jason bought a minivan for our growing family! They really are great set-ups. Even he was quite happy as he loaded the groceries from costco. We are members again.  Jason started the photo riff-raff, how could I not join in?

Is it weird that we have the minivan before the bassinet/car seat/stroller/baby carrier/bottles/diapers/wipes/binkies/everything else?  I have a lot to do!  Do you think she will be on time?


4 responses to “8 Weeks to go…

  1. I just watched your video again for the second time and both times I cried. It is funny how we look at people and think they have such a charmed life. Yet, we really don’t know all the struggles that they go through. I am sure your video will touch many lives. Congrats on joining the minivan club. I am sure you will get everything done. Hang in there. Can’t wait to see that beautiful baby.

  2. We did the minivan thing first, too. I waited until the very last minute to finally set up the bassinet, etc., b/c living in an apt., once those things are in — you are gonna FEEL it. Funny I think Adam loves our minivan more than I do. ;) You look great.

  3. Kristy- just saw your “I’m a Mormon video” So awesome! I love seeing you guys blossoming in NY and living the dream. It’s so fun. Remember that time we sang “The Light of Hope” at one of our baptisms? So long ago. I’m glad I got to be a little part of your families life when you all moved to that little apartment in Queens. You guys are doing great things and inspiring so many. By the way, it’s Elder Keith. If you forgot who I am. . . check out our families blog: jordanandariana.blogspot.com Hope you guys continue to do great!

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