Party Hearty

On Sunday we celebrated Lolly’s birthday with a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream  Cake and presents!  One of Lolly’s favorite gifts was a magnifying glass necklace I made her last minute. Yeah!

On Monday afternoon we had a friend party in Sheeps Meadow. It was the best weather we have had ALL YEAR and it was glorious. Nobody wanted to leave. Lolly has a friend with the exact same birthday, so we shared the day!  Each had their own special cake and we sang twice!  I only made it through courtesy of benadryl  The pollen count was 11.8. EEK!

The crowd favorite was Red Rover, but we also played Sly Fox, Knots, Farmer-in-the-dell, Queenie, and What Time is it Mr. Fox?.  We learned all of these games courtesy of The Games Book that our friend Carrie gave us.  The kids were so excited to just play in the grass. It was awesome.


3 responses to “Party Hearty

  1. Sure glad you discovered that magnifying glass necklace! Looks like a perfect day in the park. Love that girl.

  2. Carrie is such a dear friend! Aren’t those games a ton of fun? Glad you had a perfect day!

  3. Mr. Fox is our favorite. I’ve got to learn those other ones! So glad she had a great celebration!

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