Raising Lolly, or I deserve an award

Who would have thought this sweet little quiet baby would turn out to be Lolly.  She spent the first 18 months of her life quietly gathering information, planning her assault on her family.  She was in full attack mode from 18 months to about 5 years old.

I have to say the last year especially has been so enjoyable with the Lollz.  Her ability to reason has finally caught up with her precocious nature and tactile learning techniques.  I can sometimes convince her not to take something completely apart in 2.5 seconds, with rational reasoning and words!  I haven’t seen her write on something other than paper in a very long time!  She is starting to enjoy books.  Magnatiles are still a favorite toy, and sorting ANYTHING outranks EVERYTHING.

She still gets raunchy, especially when she needs to eat.  When she is sick, and tells me, 10 out of 10 times she is really sick.  We have a lot in common.  She has a polarizing affect on people. They love her or they don’t love her.  (how can I apply “hate” to a little girl…save that for me).  They get her or they don’t get her.  Even we have a love/not love relationship at times.  I am starting to understand her more and more, and having gotten to know myself pretty well over the past 33 years, it helps speed up the figuring out off Lolly.

Lately she has taken on the role of peacemaker.  When the Tween vs. Parents battles begin…Lolly feels for both sides and gently makes suggestions: “you need to snuggle, let’s say a prayer, stop!”

She loves fruit snacks, sour patch watermelons, applesauce, “sprite water orange juice” (seltzer and oj), mcintosh apples, cheezits, cooked cabbage, cooked carrots, spaghetti, tomatoes, peppers, yogurt and is always resistant to trying most food but is willing to, and usually ends up liking it.

I love these photos of her when she was about 10 weeks old:

I have the one in the middle hanging in my office (that cowlick!  Still prominent).  I am noticing my skin in the right one–I had the WORST skin for her pregnancy (glad I’m skipping that this time).

I find Lolly enchanting…her eyebrows! That dimple!  The outfits she puts together!  The way she thinks about life!  The way she calls me “Mama!”  She’s one of a kind, and I am so glad she’s mine.  Happy 7th Birthday!


7 responses to “Raising Lolly, or I deserve an award

  1. I can’t believe this girl is 7 years old! What a beauty she is. I am on the love side, I LOVE Lolly. She is such a gem. Happy birthday girl!!

  2. We knew this, didn’t we? At about 24 hours after her arrival! Love that girl.

  3. I wish I could hug her in person today. Love her!

  4. Happy Birthday Seven! Sending a Birthday Hug all the way from Salt Lake City to that precocious young lady!

  5. so much of what you wrote reminds me of audrey. gives me hope that i will be able to trust audrey to not write on anything (besides paper) by the time she is 6!!! i hope! i hope! happy birthday to your little girl.

  6. look at those sweet little munchkins! how were they ever that small? Happy birthday Lolly lady! She looks so grown up. I am loving them getting older too. getting more settled, although tantrums still do show up once in awhile, and i am always surprised. I think, you are 7! stop it already!

  7. Loving this post – Happy Birthday Lollz!

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