Easter: The Wardrobe

I love getting new duds for Easter.  Who doesn’t? We were down one girl this Easter as Phoebe was sick at home.  Her fever reached 105 on Easter evening! Yikes!  Don’t google “fever 105″….

I knew that I would be feeling less than Easter fashionish due to the state of my belly, so I bought a little bunny sweater and some neon pink tights and called it an Easter day.  Lolly LOVED her outfit (so glad), and I hope she will wear it for an upcoming concert and Pickle’s blessing day.  I made the flower belt for her dress, mimicking a jcrew one that Phoebe was meant to wear (I just bought a flower and some ribbon at a trim store in the garment district and voila it was done).  I was in a hurry to to get myself ready on Easter Morning so I didn’t realize Jason was wearing a bright orange and blue tie until it was time to take a photo.  Not very Easterish I think….but I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled.

Doesn’t Jason look so cute in his Seer Sucker Suit?  I love when he wears it.

We ate some food too!  The best part of Easter Dinner is the Easter Lasagna the next day. DEELICIOUS!



2 responses to “Easter: The Wardrobe

  1. Your family minus 1 looks delightful. I’ve always loved a man in a seersucker suit. (My Dad always had one) Lolly’s dress is so pretty. You look great!

  2. I love her dress!!! So feminine and pretty. It’s strange to see you without Phoebe!

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