Easter: The Hunt

Saturday morning the Easter Bunny visited our apartment.  The girls hunted for all the eggs hidden around our family room and rifled through their baskets.

A few hours later, as we were headed out the door for the Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt Phoebe decided to stay home–a true sign she wasn’t feeling well.  Her fever inched up and and up and up as the day wore on, poor baby.

Lolly committed to getting enough eggs for both of them, and she did not disappoint.

When we returned home we spent the next 7 hours or so cleaning out our apartment.  We managed to clear 3 drawers and 2 shelves for the Pickle…truly a miracle.  We clean out our apartment several times a year, but since we have been here for 5, we were extremely ruthless on what got to stay and what had to go.  We sent at least 7 HUGE bags of garbage to the curb and 4 bags of recyclables….plus we are donating stuff too….and our apartment is pretty clean and organized!

I am just happy we have found space for our new baby…I knew we would be able to, but actually doing it is a HUGE check off my TO-DO list.


4 responses to “Easter: The Hunt

  1. Love the neighborhood hunt!

  2. Very impressive closet work!

  3. bridgetjohns

    Congratulations! I just saw your I’m a Mormon video and was touched. Thank you for sharing your story.

  4. Your I’m a Mormon video is the video that showed up in my newsfeed on Facebook today. I can already tell that it has inspired many people!

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