Easter: The Eggs

Good Friday we spent dying Easter Eggs while watching Easter Parade…a tradition.  It was the first time egg-dying took quite a long time. We tried to do some fancy stripes with rubber bands, but we weren’t very good at it.  We ate a few along the way too, when the shells were TOO cracked to dye.


7 responses to “Easter: The Eggs

  1. lifewithkaishon

    That looks like a very fun day : ) I can’t believe how the holidays just fly by! Zoom! : )

  2. I like the pixilated lt. blue one in the stained little hand!

  3. I feel like your girls have worn those nightgowns for 100 years!

  4. Does the blue one have Pickle’s name on it or something? The stripey rubber bands are hard! First year, I tried that, I kept cracking them. My best success was with baby rubber bands. Maybe you’ll have some around next year for Pickle. :)

    • Kristy Glass

      I suggested tiny bands but the girls insisted on using the ones that came in the box. Yes, Pickles name… Which isn’t really Pickle if you can believe it.

      I’m on the go – excuse the typos!

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