It’s my birthday.  I turn 33 today.  33 seems like a pretty solid age.  It’s 3 times more than 11.  It has two 3’s.  There is still a small chance I could live this amount of time twice more.  At least once more I hope! I am hoping to get all the close-calls in the health department out of my system while I am young.  That’s the plan.

I haven’t thought about: “Where will I be when I am 33?” much.  Not at all actually.  I did think I would be done having kids by age 30 (I tried to be done).  Being 33 feels more like what I imagined 40 to be. I feel pretty set in my ways, my marriage is solid, I’ve learned a lot, grown a lot.  I have lots more grey hair now and the elasticity in my skin is starting to be less elastic.  I admit: I fear the aftermath of childbirth on a body in my 30’s.

This morning after I had a sprinkles banana cupcake for breakfast, I opened presents and cards from family and friends.  It was so nice of so many people to remember. Thank you!  The greatest gifts of today:  I didn’t wake up ONCE to use the bathroom overnight, there were only 4 kids (usually 8 or 9) in my sunbeam class, and after 4 months of the subway not running on the weekends, the service was restored!  But! I got to drive to and from church in my new minivan….oh the irony!


9 responses to “33!

  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. You are rockin’ that outfit! Happy Birthday to my firstborn.

  3. Happy happy birthday Kage!!!

  4. Oh! You look good. I wish I had looked that good when I was pregnant. Loving the pink tights, belt and the heals, wow. I loved your Mormon message, it made me cry.
    Happy 33rd Birthday !!

  5. Your ensemble is a show stopper! At first glance I thought I saw houndstooth check but hold on it is really bunny silhouettes. (dang hard to spell correctly, didn’t know it had an “h” in there tricking me). You look terrific!

  6. happy birthday!!

  7. Oh happy birthday! big hug.

  8. Thanks everyone for the birthday messages! I had a great day!

  9. Oh, I missed it! it was there in my mind and then it was gone and then with the time change and lack of management skills it has now been weeks and I missed it. So sorry! happy birthday to the greatest looking 33 year old Ive seen! I am sure your body will hold up well after baby #3, but it is different to be sure. Hope you had a happy day… and a new minivan!??! Do tell!

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