In the Baskets

Lolly has been so sweet this season, remembering rituals about Easter.  I loved seeing her face light up as she tried to describe Dying Easter Eggs.  And then she remembered that on the Saturday before Easter she wakes up and finds a little trail of Easter Eggs leading to a mini egg hunt in our family room.

I, of course, pretended to have no idea what she was talking about…

Thankfully she brought all this up in time for me to figure out what to put in the Easter Baskets this year.  I did absolutely NOTHING for Valentine’s Day, so I will make up for it on Easter.

For Lolly:

The Muppets

Go Fish (our is destroyed)

Eeboo Fairy Queen Playing Cards (the girl LOVES games)

dippin dots scented nail polish

My Even More Wonderful World of Fashion



Finish this Book

Sleeping Queens

Rory’s Story Cubes

Crackling Nail Polish


Fashion Color Bic Pens

Colorclick Pens

Kokesha Dolls

Bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs

I skip the messy grass and just fill their baskets.  The eggs this year might have a few dollars here and there and some wrapped candy probably.  Phewsh, I think I got it ordered just in time.


One response to “In the Baskets

  1. I love how the Easter Bunny comes to your house the day before Easter.

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