To Barbra

Last week I dedicated a whole day to my ultimate —> Barbra Streisand.  I reloaded all my favorite Babs albums and compiled them into a playlist and listened to it all day.  I had forgotten about Putting it Together, Miss Marmelstein, You’ll Never Know…the list goes on and on.

I sat down and finally watched one of the television specials of hers that I have had on DVD for years now and never watched!  My Name is Barbra, from 1965.  I love that I live in NYC and can REALLY appreciate her start here.  The girls watched with me and were enthralled.  I discovered this song, which is SO MUCH better on this video than on her recording….This woman is 23 years old–can you imagine?

For the record, my favorite movie EVER is Funny GirlMy Man. stop. it. and my favorite album is Live Concert at the Forum (I think Lolly looks like Babs on this cover). Stoney End. If you are super into Babs, you should watch Seth’s deconstruction of Stoney End (go to 7:17 if you don’t have much time, best part).

Every time I hear Stoney End I am brought back to the summer before I started High School. I spent a lot of time with Babs in my ear, singing me through the rough parts of getting older.  Thank you Barbra for being relevant to a teenager in the 1990’s, just as I am sure you were back in the 60’s and hopefully forever.


One response to “To Barbra

  1. I remember visiting my Grandmother’s house ( gammy) and she had Barbra’s “Color Me Barbara” album on top of her stereo. It was love at first sight!

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