Sisters Wall

I started a wall of art depicting two sisters years ago.  This project helped me try to embrace my family of two little girls.  Even though I wanted to have another baby years ago, the timing was never right, and so to help with the pain, I poured myself into art…as usual.

Now that I am having a third sister, I have kept my eye out for some new additions to the sisters wall.  I love the ballerinas because I think the age range is just right, and the hair color might work out in my favor too.  The tiny one is so cute, but I doubt Pickle will be a redhead!


3 responses to “Sisters Wall

  1. THREE DAUGHTERS??!!! WOW! Oh wait! I have three daughters! haha!

  2. ballerinas is perfect. you know, i have two sisters. two close in age, and one younger by 6 years. how funny. it’s the best. especially now as adults.

  3. I have always loved your posts on your sisters art. Such a sweet, personal touch to your lovely home.

    I just watched your I am a Mormon video. LOVED it!!

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