My Loves


Asking about bye bye birdie– the telephone song… “Did they have caller id in the old days?” NO… ‘That’s why he kept saying ‘this is Harvey Johnsen’ ”

While browsing the Barbie section of Toys R Us: “Wow, they’re making the barbies more inappropriate by the minute…”

We saw a poser Naked Cowboy in Times Square. He had glasses and short hair–kind of like the nerdy version of the real Naked Cowboy.  I commented that I couldn’t believe we knew he was an imposter.  Phoebe said: “that’s the tragedy of being in new york– you know really gross things.”

Love that you are still a little princess girl inside that TWEEN body.

Catching you put on a little blush on for school (after a friend gave you a makeup kit for your birthday).

You’re excitement for Flicks with Sticks at Lion Brand Studio. Wanting to spend your OWN money on yarn.   Learning to cast on by yourself!!!

Asking me if I liked your outfit.  I said: well, you’ve already worn it once this week, so does it matter what I think?….I don’t love it but–if you do you should wear it. and she did. Love that girl.


I gave you cashews in your lunch one day and that same day I saw on “Food Matters” that eating a few handfuls of cashews can help fight depression. I told you that when you got home and you said: “No wonder I was so nice after lunch.” Then later when you were very frustrated with your math homework, you asked me to get you some cashews.  You ate a few and then proclaimed: “I can’t even remember what i was mad about.” Phoebe said “I’m the one that needs the cashews!” (true dat)

We walked through TIMES SQUARE: “This is my favorite part of the city. It is where dreams come true.”

Total meltdown situations on Phoebe’s birthday…right after we complimented you on handling the present opening very well.

Wow, such great practicing and cleaning up knowing a slumber party was on the line if you didn’t behave.  We should have a slumber party EVERY weekend. (not)

When one of P’s friends might have to have surgery instead of come to HER slumber party, you offered to be the replacement friend.

” one of my talents is learning things without learning them eg tying shoes”

Suckering me into buying yarn for YOU to make a blanket for the pickle.  You chained the entire foundation chain and then for every other stitch, you yarned over while I figured out the pattern and the stitches.  We make a good team.


Watching some birth videos. Lolly had a million questions, Phoebe asked for a barf bucket. I guess that answers my query: Should the girls be present for the birth?


Cycling…you just love to watch it.

Helping me fold the laundry while we watched True Grit, and then wanting to finish it in bed….that was fun.

Helping me with the budget. We both miss Residual Kristy.

From the next room: “Who was King Noah’s Father.” (of the book of mormon)

me: I think it starts with a Z.

J: “I’m asking Phoebe.”

Ph & me at the same time: “Zeniff.”

me: “You’re surprised we knew that huh?”

J: yeah, I am a little surprised.


Helping us Get the Grumpies out (we left before you and you ran to catch up with and grabbed Lolly and shook her til she turned that frown upside down)
Saying: “I want to get home tonight to see Obama beat sanatorium in il.”  Doh– slip-up– you meant Mitt


My shoe slipped on the subway stair, I fell back into a minor fall, but I peed my pants.  Like more than just a little…but NOT a lot.  It was digusting. Pregnancy.

I had a BAD ugly cry on the corner of Columbus and 69th. Banana Pudding AND a Pumpkin Brownie from Magnolia helped. a little.


One response to “My Loves

  1. The New York City comments and cashew comments were my favorite. Those are some smart, thoughtful girls.

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