Last week the girls had their March concerts.  Phoebz played a hoedown, so I outfitted her in a Taylor-Swift-does-the-Grammys inspired outfit (I couldn’t find Phoebe-size oxfords for the life of me, so I went with moccs).

Lolly just wanted a fancy dress, so we pulled one out from a past Phoebe concert.  I love the’s a little shiny too.  I feel strongly that Lolly should always wear silver shoes in concert.  These ones have kitten heels.  It was a compromise– as she has been begging to wear heels for a long time.  She had a lovely half braid/half ponytail hairdo when she left the house, but she changed her mind before the concert, so the hair is looking a little wonky–whatevs!

March concerts this year felt much less stressful than last year…I guess we were all a little more prepared.  Now we just need to get through May and we can breathe a sigh of relief for a while.  I can’t wait for that deep breath, that calm before the pickle storm.


7 responses to “Concerts!

  1. Attention, Blogland: THESE ARE MY GRANDDAUGHTERS!!!!!! Mighty proud, I am!

  2. Beautiful young girls, beautifully trained. ( Phoebe, that’s the only genre of violin music that I love.) Lolly you sounded like a pretty bird singing a lullaby to her babies.

  3. Tell Phoebz I appreciate her opening double stops. (Arrgh! Double stops! My nemeses!)

  4. I am so incredibly impressed! Phoebz has become so accomplished. When you zoomed in closer to Lolly, I could still see just the slightest bit of “baby” in her young hands and I just can’t believe how well she plays at such a young age! Plus, flute is the most difficult instrument I have ever attempted!

    • clearly you didn’t spend a week spitting rice off the roof of your building! (I can make a sound on it because of that!!!) ; ) THANKS…they work hard.

  5. Bravo!!! ::clapping:::

  6. Douglas Anderson

    Fantastic! Lolly and Phoebe are really maturing in their performance skills! All that hard work – so much progress and beautiful music! The difficulty of your pieces is very impressive. Love it! Love it! Love it! I wish I could have been there to hear it!

    Thank you for sharing!

    All my love,


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