Phoebe Radio

She has always been a little singer.  She sings and sings and sings.  Many of her songs are made up or amalgamations of different parts of songs she knows.   She makes up lyrics and if she gets to a spot where she needs to rhyme, she won’t hesitate to make up a whole new word.

I have recently noticed that the Phoebe Radio can give me a heads up to how she is feeling.  If the radio is on, I am usually in for a good day with Phoebz.  If there is radio silence, I know it will be a bad Phoebe day.

We started teasing her about this on our Disney vacay…sometimes we even asked her to switch stations if we were sick of her song of the moment.  I love hearing her sing.  I wish it would happen more often….I always aim for the good Phoebe days to outway the bad ones.  Radio on please.


2 responses to “Phoebe Radio

  1. The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree…..

  2. She sounds just like Audrey. !!!

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