Pirate Princess Party

Our favorite ice cream shop recently debuted two new ice cream flavors: Pirate and Princess.  In honor of the launch, the girls played a Pirate Hoedown and a Princess Waltz (their upcoming recital pieces cleverly masked as event-appropriate songs!).  No princess should be knocked up, so I chose to dress as a Pirate of course.

The girls did a really great job concentrating while playing for noisy ice cream patrons and their even noisier and wigglier offspring.  Lolly especially showed amazing concentration that I frankly, had never seen before.  The girls were most excited about being paid in Ice Cream Cones.  We went back a week later…the salty caramel ice cream can NOT be resisted.


One response to “Pirate Princess Party

  1. I’ll say what everyone is thinking: It is VERY weird seeing YOU with a thick middle!

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