28 Weeks

Welcome 3rd Trimester—we’re already here?????

Oh my my my.  Last week was quite a tough week.  I was so tired and I couldn’t do anything with myself!  I finally felt some energy return a little on Wednesday and Saturday I felt pretty good, but that is because I slept for 11 hours!

*love handles alert

I did not exercise ONE TIME last week.  I hope that I can just start over again and pretend last week didn’t happen…starting with the 2 miles I slowly jogged yesterday…pretty good for 7 months pregnant!  When I don’t exercise I just think about the fact that my baby weighs 2 pounds but I’ve gained 25.  This has been my EATING pregnancy for sure.  Not a good thing when youth is not on my side as it was with Phoebe.

I have 12 (14??) weeks left and that seems like a really long time and totally not enough time before Pickle arrives.  I have so much to do!

Crochet/knitting projects
Clean out the ENTIRE apartment, top to bottom
Baby Showers
Maternity Photoshoot
NYU Reading
Concerts and Evaluations for the girls
Buy all the baby stuff
Trip to IL
Lolly and my birthdays
Movies to see
Middle School Applications to organize
Midwife appointments
Bills to pay
Renegade Craft Fair

I am sure there are still a hundred more things I have to do, but it just does not seem like I have enough time (or energy!!!) to get it all done.  I have to stay focused and just plow through it!

This week Pickle has been making the most unique movements…sometimes it feels like there is one of these (in the on position) inside there…I feel limbs in all sorts of places moving so quickly–especially when I am trying to get to sleep.  She gets the hiccups a lot, like Phoebe.  I have been doing a little reading on her astrological sign…hopefully I will know how to handle my gemini.  I really do feel like I know nothing about this child, no sense of connection whatsoever to who she is.  The mystery keeps me going.


One response to “28 Weeks

  1. Love the pic with you and j in the mirror <3

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