Luck o the Irish

Lolly was pretty excited to participate with the big girls in a special St. Patrick’s Day Flute Ensemble this year.  She even woke up with a slight fever that morning and insisted she go to school.  They had a little city tour and everyone thought it was pretty fun.

On ACTUAL St. Patrick’s Day her fever spiked and she was bed ridden.  Jason had to perform his first duathlon all by himself.

I felt so sad that none of us were there to cheer him on!  He did a great job though. He rode his bike 8 miles to the race. The race: 6.6 mile run, 26 mile bike, 3.3 mile run. He finished in 2:52.  Then he rode his bike home another 8 miles. He was pooped.

That night I served Corned Beef and Cabbage.  I always forget how much my girls LOVE cabbage, you would have thought I served them chocolate cake for dinner the way they downed it.


4 responses to “Luck o the Irish

  1. The Irish flute video is SO New York! I love it!!!! And I love that they brought some little ones along! She looks so cute and so thrilled to be there. Dad loved talking to Jason last night about his adventure! I love how his number also has his name on it! Way to go, Jason!

  2. I like the green trim on the jersey to match the bike and the holiday. Well done, Jason.

  3. How simply charming!!!!!! My feet were dancing too. Lolly was so professional and looked perfect in her sequined dress. Way to go Jason!

  4. Helen Knowles

    They are really very good – what a neat thing for the community. Looks like they enjoyed it.

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