Yarn Bomb: Rocking Chair

After spreading the word that I was looking for yarn bomb contributions for my sad little rocking chair, the day came to assemble!  I was so excited about all the patches that came to me in the mail.  Each envelope was like opening LOVE from my family and friends. I am SO GRATEFUL for everyone who took time to make something.  I can’t wait to take Pickle’s picture in her new chair.

First I organized the patches by size and shape.  Then I assigned team leaders.  Jen was leader of Team Bottom, I was Team Front, and there were rotating Team Leaders for Team Back.  I had a team that totaled 8 women and a few apprentices for the first hour.

We placed the patches with masking tape and then took a photo with the iphone for reference as we took turns sewing patches together.  We had a few irregular shapes to fill and Heidi was on hand to knit those for us.

We kept our strength up with Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate and water.  We worked really hard for 3 solid hours, and STILL didn’t get it done!  I photographed it anyway, because I can tell it’s going to be fabulous!

[ For my Aunt KJ–don’t worry, your patch is not going to be wonky like that, it hasn’t been pulled taut to the back and secured. Also, we are tacking throughout, and that hasn’t happened yet either–so it will look straight! ]  All the loose ends will disappear once it’s finished!

I love that when I look at the chair, I think of loved ones:

There was one male contribution. My DAD knit two swatches! WOOT!

While I wrote this post up Pickle had a pretty strong case of the hiccups, letting me know she’s here.  I think she’s going to be the Bee’s Knees…glad she has a rocker to match.


6 responses to “Yarn Bomb: Rocking Chair

  1. Your Rockin’-yarn-bombin’-rocker raidiates love and happiness for you and your babe. All the colors and textures are what make it a happy thing. It reminds me of how important the “village” is when raising our babes. (I always love seeing one of the little pink baby afghans still surrounding your little girls with my love)

  2. Oops posted to quickly, “radiates”

  3. That makes me smile. :) :) :)

  4. It’s SOOO fun to look at! :) Looks stunning.

  5. I can’t wait to rock Pickle in it!

  6. You guys, I worked on it for about 2 hours yesterday and got a lot done for the bottom, but MAN I have HOURS to go……but it’s pretty fun to work on, I just need to do it REALLY QUICK because my body is making it hard to do, being on my knees and navigating the chair!

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