Online Shopping

I am an online shopper. That’s why ebates and retailmenot are two of my best friends.

I have had a few online shopping moments this week that I feel like writing about.

1.  This site offers free shipping over a certain amount, but then when you hit the weight limit, shipping turns back on.  It’s kind of annoying that you have to place more than one order to get everything shipped for free, especially when it’s 3 times (like this week). But, silly them, I used the $5- off coupon I found on retailmenot thrice too and got 12% cashback by going through ebates.

2. I did some in-person shopping at the GAP last week.  I was pleasantly surprised to find I liked some of their KIDS offering for Easter dresses.  I tend to like the baby designers much better than kids.  I bought about $250- worth of clothes and shoes for the girls to try on and decide what they liked.  This was with 10% off Tuesday.

On Thursday I went to looking for something (can’t remember what) and saw that there was a 30% off coupon on the whole order. I put all the items I had just bought (and a few more) into my cart and used that coupon and my total was about $240 (plus the ebates 2% cashback).

I returned everything I bought at gapkids that afternoon. sweet.  Then a few hours later I got a coupon code in my emailbox for 40% off.  I started thinking about how I would have to buy it all for the 3rd time and return all that 30% off stuff…but then I wondered—what if I just call customer service and tell them about the coupons crossing and see what happens.  A 5-minute phone call later she had price adjusted my whole cart to the 40% off coupon, saving me $35- more bucks.  AWESOME.

3. I’ve had my et


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