27 Weeks

I am nearly 7 months pregnant.  That seems like a LOT pregnant.  I have 1 week left of my 2nd trimester.  Since it took me a few weeks in to get to that “renewed sense of well-being” that lots of people talk about for the 2nd tri, I hope that I can start the uncomfortable, irritable, anxious part of the 3rd trimester a bit late too, like, let’s have that set in around week 39.

I am still jogging here and there, trying to hold onto my fitness as long as possible (thank you belly bra and belly band).  I feel FULL every time I eat, so I find myself eating smaller amounts more often.  My pre-pregnancy jeans will no longer button.  That lasted a long time, but I am still bummed.  My chest is (for me) enormous.  The baby got the hiccups for the first time last week, and she continues to make her presence known, often.

Sometimes I feel panicked about the time I have left and all that I need to get done.  Now that my trips and one birthday is over, I hope to focus on some of my to-do’s.  I am pretty sure the time is going to fly by and pretty soon I am going to be posting pictures of the Pickle in the teeny tiny hats I made her.  Jason seems to be getting more excited, which is really sweet to see.  I am pretty excited to meet her too, and smell her.

PS. Making good progress on her blessing day bonnet.
PPS. I am starting to think about public middle schools in Manhattan for Phoebe, summer week-long camps for both girls and baby announcements for Pickle, so if you have recommendations for any of that, please leave them in the comments.


2 responses to “27 Weeks

  1. Helen Knowles

    Check out Tiny Prints for the birth announcements – I got some nice invitations for Stephanie’s shower from that site. Love the blessing bonnet. You and Stephanie are only 3 weeks apart.

  2. It is so great that you feel so good. Time will fly. Her baby bonnet is precious!

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