Slumber Party

I’ve been pretty anti-sleepovers for my kids because of negative experiences I had as a kid and because I watch too much Oprah.  I make exceptions here and there, and for Phoebe’s 10th birthday I conceded.  Her closest friends are really great girls, so I felt like it would be a good experience.

After school I brought snacks and balloons so that the party could start right away.  We headed to tap class because 2 of the 4 girls were in it.  Since we were in Harlem, we headed over to a salon nearby for manicures. I was surprised to find they were 5 bucks each. What?  Around the corner we had equally cheap pizza-6 slices and 5 drinks for 20 bucks.  I decided that all birthdays henceforth will be taking place in Harlem.

When we got home the girls wanted to open presents, have a Hamster (eraser) wedding and eat cake.  There was some intermittent singing and dancing until it was time to head to the roof. Each girl brought a balloon, made a wish and let them go.  One friend wanted hers to end up in Africa…I hope it did.  Jammies went on and popcorn was popped for a viewing of the Smurfs.  This is when the dying-a-slow-death dvd player decided to die for realz.  Jason and I exchanged it for our backup DVD player (whoosh) and I then dozed off while the girls watched the movie.

In the morning we had chocolate chip pancakes, fruit salad, bacon and OJ over a round of The Barbie Game.  Thankfully I shipped Lolly off to her own sleepover so the Slumber Party was DRAMA free….  A success!


5 responses to “Slumber Party

  1. Don’t feel bad about the no slumber party rule. Though we too have made a few concessions throught raising our children. Thankfully, the boys don’t ask any more, but I am sure it will get harder as my littest a girl wants to hang out with her friends. We are kind of the believe that nothing good comes from slumber parties except grumpy kids who didn’t get enought sleep. What a great idea of shipping off little sister so that big sister could have her day.

  2. Cousin sleepovers are doable but otherwise nix for me. Sounds like your party was action packed from beginning to end. I love that you released wishes from the rooftop!

  3. The whole thing sounds perfect, especially the balloons. Sending off younger sister was a wise choice. Siblings can mess up birthday parties!

  4. you’re the coolest mom. what a cute party!

  5. I think slumber parties can be awesome and it looks like hers was. Especially when you know that her friends are a great bunch of girls. I think if you establish positive sleepover experiences at this age it will help maintain positive ones in the future. It looks like she had a fantastic party. Good times!!!!

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