The morning began with chocolate chip pancakes (like most mornings, only I made sure I made them fresh on her birthday morning) and opening presents.  The big hit in the presents department was a bag embroidered with Phoebe’s name, full of yarn from her Grammy.  She was also particularly thrilled with all the cash gifts! (Thank you Aunt L, Great-Grandparents on both sides, Grandpa Lou & Gma Janet)

That day she had a community service concert.  She was playing a Hoedown, so I thought it might be fun if she had a Taylor Swift-inspired outfit in the Country Spirit.  I was inspired by TS’s wardrobe at the Grammy’s, and came up with this for her (thank you zara & Minnetonka):

Carrie thinks I should tea-stain the entire ensemble, but that’s probably not going to happen…I see her point though.

The original after school plan was to get a sitter for Lolly and take her to the Lion Brand Studio to pick out some yarn for her next project, but since she got some in the morning (and some cash of her OWN), we just went shopping with her spending money.  She chose to go to Toys R Us in Times Square in search of an animal jam something or other that we never quite found, then headed to the Disney Store and M & M World.  She always wants to go to these stores, so I figured her birthday was a good excuse.

Despite my heavy, aching, pregnant feet, I powered through and enjoyed the time spent with my oldest girl.  She chose to buy a Tangled Nightgown, Barbie’s a Mermaid Tale 2 DVD, and some nail polish in pinkly fresh (oh yeah, I snuck in a stop at MAC).  I made a new family rule during our adventures: Whenever you come across a photobooth, you must take some photos!  Phoebe had the best idea, to pretend the m & m’s were falling on us for the 3rd photo. Brilliant.

After her birthday dinner (spaghetti with meat sauce that her friend’s mom always makes (meat, barilla, Worcester, garlic), strawberries, orange peppers and green beans), we had ice cream cake from our favorite ice cream store.  I told her she could choose to have her cake on her birthday OR at her party, she decided we would use it for both, so it will have a few chunks taken out of it for her party. She also passed on candles until the party, to make it look nice…so she pretended to blow some out (not a first for us, I often FORGET candles).

Aside from a few Lolly meltdown moments (inevitable), it really was a great day with my 10-year-old daughter.    Love her.


4 responses to “10!

  1. Love the hoe-down outfit and so glad she loved our gift!

  2. fun! Cute! what great choices for all the things to do an eat. Happy Birthday to you Lolly!

  3. Helen Knowles

    I can’t believe she’s 10 already. I remember when you had her when you were in MD and I remember babysitting her once when you all went out for the evening. Happy Birthday Phoebe!

  4. happy birthday to your beautiful 10 tear old girl!! WOW!

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