A Decade

I have been a mother for 10 years.  That time could not have gone by any faster.  I am so honored to be this little girls Mama, and I just hope I’m doing right by her.  Happy 10th Birthday to my baby girl.


15 responses to “A Decade

  1. I remember the first moment I saw her.

  2. oh my goodness you look so young in that top photo – and just like phoebe! crazy. i, too, remember her when she was so itty and i would babysit her. aww… happy 10th.

  3. What a joy to be her Mother! This post is a treasure! Happy, Happy Birthday 10 year old. Just to keep her from feeling too grown-up, remind her she’s still in Primary for a couple more years.

  4. too funny! You can see who takes after their mother. I love the part when she says it is a moral dilema whether to be happy on leaving home in 8 years. Happy Birthday!

    • Kristy Glass

      Right? It really is frightening… That applies to both your comments.

      I’m on the go – excuse the typos!

  5. Ok Ok Ok…so many comments:

    1) That first Christmas picture is taken in my apartment in Astoria! I remember that chair!

    2) P has the exact same vocal patterns and mannerisms as Simon. Its like…crazy to watch. I think they would get along.

    3) I am glad that my children are not the only ones obsessed with both hamsters AND erasers.

    4) L’s intermittent visits were hysterical. “I dropped a lego”…

    5) I hate that we are so far away and our kids don’t hang out together.

    Happy 10th D. I remember you when you were little!

    • 1. I remember taking that pic around Thanksgiving because we were in the neighbor drama…

      2. I had to do a little tape of her to remember this age.

      3. seriously–where does it come from?

      4. I had to leave some of them in. She was sorting legos by color–her primary way of “playing” legos. I liked the kiss to honeymoon to babies comments. where did THAT come from?

      5. I know.. : (

  6. how is this even possible? i can’t believe it. shes a tween now right? sheesh…. you guys look like babies too. oh, how we grow!

  7. That was a joy to watch. They are some funny girlies…not at all like you!

    Happy Birthday Phoebe, and love all that Lolly has to say.

  8. So fun to watch. You sparked me to do the same! Happy birthday P! You are awesome!!!

    • Kristy Glass

      Yeah! It was fun to interview her, can’t wait to see yours!

      I’m on the go – excuse the typos!

  9. Dad and I certainly enjoyed that!

  10. That was awesome to watch. Gave me inspiration to film our bday videos instead of just writing them down. And Lollz freakin’ CRACKS. ME. UP.

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