Magical Memory

Phoebe wanted to repeat a few of our favorite rides before we left. One morning Magic Kingdom opened at 7 AM, so this was the perfect time to go and do that.  She had her heart set on Splash Mountain but Lolly did not want to repeat that again, so we found ourselves at Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride.

We rode once around, and I noticed there was no line, so I told her to hurry to the entrance so she could go right away on the next ride. She ran right past it and kept running, so we missed the ride!

After watching one round, we got on again and this time decided that she should right in front and I should ride in back. We spotted Jasmine and Aladdin looking in and waved to them. When we saw them enter the ride, we waved them over, and they rode with us.

It was the top Disney moment for Lolly and me.  We know that it would never have happened if Dad and Phoebe had been with us, so we thanked them for taking one for the team.

Watch our ride here.


3 responses to “Magical Memory

  1. Wow, how lucky are you guys! It looks like it was an amazing trip

  2. That is just precious!!

  3. This only happens in commercials.

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